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Author : Laurent LAFARGE
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Putting people at the heart of your growth



This book is aimed at established and aspiring business leaders in all shapes and sizes of organisation, within every market category and industry sector around the world. Anyone, from a management student to a global CEO, who wants to become a more inspirational leader and achieve better outcomes, will benefit.

André Lacroix reveals his formula on how to make businesses flourish. He uses his universal humanist principles that have been developed over a long, diverse and outstanding leadership career. He also explains simple ways you can inspire a global organisation to outperform the competition; how you can create a truly customercentric organisation; how best to inspire people to follow the lead set at the top, and how to leave a sustainable legacy for the generations to come.

For Lacroix, true leadership prioritises sustainability and a desire to make the world an ‘ever-better’ place for everyone and many of the largest corporations are now adopting the sustainability solutions he envisioned.


André LACROIX has an exceptional record of value creation at every company he has ever led. Beyond that, over the years, he has become a recognised authority on sustainability in the corporate world. In ‘Leadership with Soul’, Lacroix reveals his model for business success, built over more than three decades with world leading organisations such as Ernst & Young, Colgate Palmolive, PepsiCo, Burger King, Euro Disney, Inchcape, Reckitt Benckiser and Intertek. Lacroix attributes his success to taking an empathetic, humanist approach to driving sustainable value for all: customers, employees, shareholders, communities and society as a whole. 


Andre Lacroix, with his leadership building block of 10 principles developed over his decades of experience as a corporate leader, will encourage you to become a more inspirational and inclusive leader, putting employees - the hidden heroes - at the heart of your growth strategy. Leadership with Soul is an important and thought provoking read by students of leadership at all levels.

- Paul M.F. Cheng
Former Chairman of Inchcape Pacific, Link Real Estate Investment Trust, and N.M. Rothschild (Hong Kong) Ltd. and author of ‘On Equal Terms: Redefining China’s Relationship with America and the West’.

Identifying the SOUL of an organization as the real engine of leadership is classically Andre Lacroix, in my experience. André possesses a special ability to focus intensely on key issues of organizational success. In this very readable book, André shares his deep insight into leadership that links people with the mission of our organizations During my years as a CEO and subsequently serving on corporate boards I frequently encourage our people to ‘put their people first’. André’s experience and research confirms the wisdom of building an effective organization whose people feel the power of the organization’s SOUL, and thereby greatly enhance their own effectiveness.

- Adrian Bellamy
Adrian’s career included serving as Chairman and CEO of two large corporations followed by multiple positions as a Director of various companies including Reckitt Benckiser (C), Gucci (C), Gap, Williams-Sonoma (C) and Starbucks.


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Who is the book for?

Leadership with Soul is written for established and aspiring business leaders in all shapes and sizes of organisation, within every market category and industry sector around the world. Anyone, from a management student to a global CEO, who wants to become a more inspirational leader and achieve better outcomes, will benefit from reading this book.


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"L’HUMAIN AU CŒUR DU LEADERSHIP" est destiné aux dirigeants d’entreprises, aux cadres et aux étudiants en Management. Ce livre est utile aux dirigeants de tout type ou taille d'organisation quel que soit le secteur d’activité.

Ce livre profitera à toute personne qui aspire à devenir un leader moteur souhaitant obtenir de meilleurs résultats de ses équipes.


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