Responsible Finance in the world

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How to decipher and better understand the complex and growing
world of responsible finance — a practice that presents itself as an alternative?
From 19th-century solidarity to green bonds and crowdfunding today, to socially responsible investment in the 20th century, responsible finance has sometimes been diverted from its historical values. Nevertheless, it is able to complete the panoply of financing the economy in a quest for meaning.
Intended for a broad audience, from students to researchers and managers, this book demonstrates, with the help of new digital technologies, that responsible finance can reconcile economy and humanity.
Structured in three parts and based on many examples, this new opus deals with all aspects of responsible finance at international level, discusses the risks and uncertainties of this economic practice, analyzes its different actors, products, tools, and markets, from research to promotion and distribution.

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Ce livre vise à familiariser l’utilisateur avec la “culture” de la programmation. Il concerne aussi bien le programmeur amateur, qui réalise du code pour ses besoins personnels, que le programmeur professionnel qui doit se fixer des objectifs ambitieux.

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